K9 Kingdom’s boarding services are geared primarily towards dogs and cats. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about boarding another type of animal at K9 Kingdom.


At K9 Kingdom, we provide a cage-free environment throughout the day. When night falls, your dog will enjoy a well-deserved rest in a safe and spacious private stall. Our stalls are large enough to accommodate all dog breeds: From taller breeds like the Great Dane and the Golden Retriever, to smaller breeds like the energetic Jack Russell Terrier, any and all dogs will sleep soundly and in comfort at K9 Kingdom.
Your dog will enjoy the following amenities at K9 Kingdom:

  • An individual stall with heated flooring
  • A cage-free environment throughout the day
  • Large wooded outdoor play area
  • A picturesque shallow pond: The pond is very popular with our canine guests!

We also provide the following free of charge:

  • Bedding and toys

And don’t forget, we are happy to look after some of the special needs of our individual canine guests, including:

  • Observing special diets
  • Administering medicines (upon request)
  • Conducting training sessions (upon request)

We understand that different breeds of dog have unique physical and behavioural characteristics. So, at K9 Kingdom, we provide a safe environment that’s adapted to all needs, including a large outdoor area for running and playing, which is also completely fenced, a shallow pond for swimming and splashing, a shaded rest area, and more toys than you can shake a stick at. The outside play area is further divided into three sections in order to be able to manage conflicts between strong-willed characters, if and when they occur.
Here’s what a typical day at K9 Kingdom looks like:

7:00 am – Breakfast is served and the dogs are let out
5:00 pm – Meal time, served in their individual stalls
8:00 pm – Dogs are back in the kennel


Your cat will enjoy a clean, comfortable environment at K9 Kingdom and will be able to roam freely throughout the day. Our feline guests love to stretch out on the ledge in front of our two large, sunny windows in the feline rest area: It’s the purr-fect spot for a nap! We are happy to provide cat litter for our feline guests, however, we ask cat owners to bring along a supply of their cat’s food for the duration of their cat’s stay at K9 Kingdom.
We provide the following free of charge:

  • Cat litter
  • Toys
  • Small bed


Sometimes the day just isn’t long enough to allow us to do all the things we want to: We leave in the morning for work, we prepare meals for our family, we take our kids to their various activities, we honour our family commitments. Our days fill up pretty quickly. Nonetheless, there’s a member of our family who spends their day waiting for us to come home, who needs attention as well. Boredom and lack of stimulation can result in behavioural problems in our dogs, and a lack of exercise can lead to health problems for our four-legged canine friends.

K9 Kingdom’s doggy daycare service offers a safe place for your dog to socialize with other dogs and be in the presence of humans, which will keep your dog stimulated and happy throughout the day. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog is being well taken care of instead of at home seeking revenge by way of destroying your new pair of shoes!


We strongly believe that a well-trained dog makes life more agreeable for everyone. When your dog obeys your commands, overall stress levels are reduced and your dog is actually safer as a result. We will carry out a free evaluation of your dog’s obedience training needs during your dog’s stay at K9 Kingdom, be it boarding or doggy daycare.

We offer obedience training at K9 Kingdom in a group format or in private sessions. Please contact us for more information.